Month: July 2017

Is life as a private equity-backed FD for you?

A mid-market private equity investor recently claimed, at a dinner hosted by Real Deals, that the best way to find out if an FD is up to the job is to throw three balls at them. If they catch at least two, they can stay. At least for the time being. Because while there is no… Read more »

Seven habits of highly effective finance directors

To be one of those highly effective finance directors, you have to be up-to-date on all the latest accounting standards, be know the latest developments in tax legislation and spend long hours in your office reviewing reconciliations and signing off VAT returns. That’s right isn’t it? No.

What SME owners can learn from 100 top CFOs’ business strategies

Ever evolving geopolitical events have had a huge impact on companies, with business leaders working hard to make sure they are prepared for future success. But we’ve found they can learn a thing or two from the top CFOs’ business strategies.