Entrepreneurial finance directors

The FD Surgery programme is specifically targeted at the entrepreneurial FDs at the helm of dynamic small and medium-sized businesses.

We understand that these FDs are far more than just number crunchers. They help shape strategy. They may be responsible for everything from recruitment to IT and from premises to suppliers.

They may be backed by private equity, or aspire to fresh investment or a realisation event.

It’s a rewarding role that puts the FD in the driving seat. But it can also be a lonely and stressful existence where both expert and peer-level advice are hard to find.

FD Surgery provides just that!

Why you should attend

The FD Surgery will deliver tangible bottom line benefit, providing you with practical remedies that will deliver an immediate business boost

  • Share experiences with more than 200 of your Finance Director peers
  • Participate in interactive roundtable debates focused on the challenges that are keeping you awake at night
  • Learn from a highly-targeted programme, created by Real Business, the UK’s most-read website for high growth companies
  • Enjoy a seated networking lunch
  • Celebrate FD excellence with the FDs’ Excellence Awards

We recognise that time is an asset you value highly. FD Surgery is well worth that investment!

  • "A very beneficial day out of the office. Provides a chance both to network and hear many experts"

    Tom NichollsQuayle Munro, Group FC
  • "A useful day away from the office providing valuable insight into many topics affecting either me or my business both today and tomorrow"

    Andrew Elsby-Smith Group Finance Director, Amtico International
  • "Worth taking a day out of a busy schedule to benefit from the knowledge and experiences of senior financial professionals"

    Caroline BillingGroup Finance Director, Barstone Ltd
  • "I found the day both informative and thought provoking which made it very worthwhile. It all seemed to work like clockwork"

    Steve Jenkins CFO, STA Travel

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