HR for Finance Directors

6 December 2017 | Grocers Hall, London

Over half of SME finance directors have ultimate responsibility for HR in their company, according to our survey of 250 FDs. More than 75% of those FDs rated challenges around recruitment, retention and employment law as amongst their biggest headaches.

But there is no need to suffer in silence.

HR for Finance Directors provides a focused and interactive forum where finance directors can learn from one another – and the experts!

Featuring on-stage debate, technical presentations and roundtable discussions, this half-day event promises to give you a fresh perspective on a perennial problem and a powerful boost to your profits.

The Agenda

13:45  Registration

14:00  Keynote address

The People P&L: What an FD skill-set can bring to the world of HR

14:20  Not for churning: the cost of turnover – part 1

Recruitment: Getting it right first time

  • According to Oxford Economics, the average cost of losing an employee is £30,000, with an additional £25,000 of lost productivity as their replacement gets up to speed. This panel debate will explore innovative recruitment techniques to help ensure you make the right hire from the outset.

14:50  Interactive roundtable debates

15:20  Top ten employment law developments to look out for

The illegalisation of tribunal fees; changes to employee rights in the gig economy; a shift in the definition of disability and the impact of Brexit -  a guide to the employment law developments that you cannot afford to ignore.

15:40  The gig economy: ensuring freelancers are an asset and not a liability

There are more than 2 million freelanced workers in the UK, according to the ONS, an increase of almost 50% since 2008. The rise of the gig economy offers employers cost efficiency but there are risks involved too.

16:00  Coffee break

Networking and coffee break.

16:20  Not for churning: the cost of turnover – part 2

Retention: innovative approaches to reducing staff turnover

  • With staff turnover costing the UK economy an estimated £4.13bn a year, a forward-thinking approach to engagement and development is critical to a healthy business.

16:40  The compensation conundrum

From pay rises to profit share, a practical guide to human capital theory

17:10  Interactive roundtable debates

17:40  Generation X,Y and Z: Getting to grips with a rapidly changing workplace

18:00  Networking drinks and canapés

Conference close, networking drinks and canapés

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