Workplace culture vital to building a successful finance team

The majority of employers recognise that ensuring potential staff are a good cultural fit is important, given the serious impact poor cultural fit can have on productivity at work and ultimately whether or not staff will stay with the company.

As demand for finance professionals continues to increase across the UK (the latest Robert Walters Job Index showed that vacancies for finance professionals increased by 21%, compared to the same time last year) it is more important than ever for senior finance professionals to focus on diversity and workplace culture in their team.

A positive company culture can offer employers a significant advantage when looking to attract top talent. In a recent survey, 82% of professionals have worked for an organisation where they disliked the company culture, resulting in a high likelihood they would look to leave or could be poached by a competitor.

By encouraging employees across all levels of seniority to share their thoughts about the organisation’s culture, employers can then gain valuable insights into which areas require their attention to attract top talent.

Recognising the importance of good cultural fit, identifying what matters to candidates and ensuring that information about your company’s culture is clearly communicated are can all help to improve workplace culture, in turn ensuring that you retain skilled professionals within an organisation.

In addition to workplace culture, diversity in a finance team is vital.

By recruiting professionals from a range of backgrounds at all levels of seniority, businesses gain access to a wide variety of viewpoints and perspectives.

With many companies facing a finance skills shortage, this can help impact productivity in a positive way. A diverse workforce can deliver tangible advantages for employers in terms of productivity and innovation.

Research from Robert Walters, supported by the Employers Network for Equality & Inclusion (ENEI), has found that 85% of employers consider building a diverse workforce to be a priority.

Taking steps to attract diverse candidates to your company is a key factor in developing a diverse workforce and combatting any skills shortages you are facing.

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